A SILSDEN man who began writing children's stories after originally working as a plumber has published three new books.

David Driver, 45, had been serving as a volunteer reader for school pupils, when he decided to use advances in digital technology to give his creative energies a wider audience.

He said he began writing seriously in 2007-2008, and with his wife's support he started publishing books to Kindle Direct Publishing, via Amazon.

Mr Driver, of Oak View, said: "I now have seven books in total available from amazon.co.uk.

"I've finished three new books this year, which include Ripskillian – a collection of three stories in the dark fantasy genre – All things bright and beautiful, a collection of stories in the horror genre, and The Purple Orchid of Ulysses Goyle – a stand alone, short story in the horror genre.

"I've also finished my first, full-length novel which is aimed at the young adult market and is a sci-fi adventure. This is currently under review with a publisher."

Mr Driver continues to work as a college lecturer, teaching Keighley Campus Leeds City College students about plumbing and heating systems.

"You just have to find the time to write somehow," he said. "I'm self-disciplined about it, and I try and do at least one or two hours each day.

"Sometimes I can write all day, other times it might only be an hour.

"I might have an idea that seems good in my head but once I put pen to paper it doesn't really flow. I have a little book which I carry around with me everywhere, and jot ideas down in it."

He added that his dark fantasy and horror stories were mainly aimed at an adult market, and that he was continuing to try and have his work released by a publishing company.

"It would be a nice breakthrough for me, but it is a very difficult market," he said.