A 54-year-old man was injured in a fall yesterday while climbing outside Cowling.

Personnel from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Yorkshire Air Ambulance and Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team (SRT) were called out to help the man at Earl Crag.

A spokesman for Calder Valley SRT said: "At 11.45am on Sunday, Yorkshire Ambulance Service requested that we assist with the evacuation of an injured man who had fallen while climbing at Earl Crag.

"The man was bouldering on the crag and had landed awkwardly, fracturing his lower leg.

"24 team members went to the scene to assist the stricken climber.

"Working alongside paramedics from Yorkshire Ambulance Service and the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, once the patient’s pain was under control, our members evacuated him on a mountain rescue stretcher to the waiting helicopter which had landed at the top of the crag.

"The helicopter transported the man to the nearest road where more team members helped transfer him to a waiting road ambulance."