SATURDAY is the day for nationally-known acts at the Aire Do.

Evening headliners will be Goldie Lookin Chain, K-Class Live and The Freestylers.

Also in headline slots through the afternoon and early evening will be the John Langan Band, Racing Glaciers and Keighley’s own The Ramblers.

K-Klass are a house music group originally they recorded in Wrexham, North Wales, up to the present day are based in Manchester, England.

Its original members were Andy Williams, Carl Thomas, Russ Morgan and Paul Roberts. K-Klass signed with the label Deconstruction Records, and later to Parlophone.

Since leaving Parlophone Andy Williams and Carl Thomas have both left K-Klass leaving just Paul Roberts and Russell Morgan alongside original vocalist Bobbi Depasois as K-Klass.

Roberts and Morgan run their own record label Klass Action The Freestylers are a British electronic music group, generally fitting into the breakbeat genre The Freestylers formed in 1996 when DJs and dance music producers Matt Cantor, Aston Harvey and (initially) Andrew Galea joined forces.

All three of them had been involved in the British dance music scene since the 1980s. Cantor had recorded both as Cut n' Paste and Strike with Andy Gardner (Plump DJs).

Aston Harvey recorded as Blapps! Posse best known for the 1990 breakbeat dance hit "Don't Hold Back" before working with Definition of Sound, Rebel MC and DJ Rap (as DJ Rap and Aston).

Harvey joined with Galea under the name Sol Brothers before Cantor was recruited to form the Freestylers. The group took their name from their first sample "Don't Stop The Rock" by Freestyle. This single appeared in the Cadbury's advert in 2009.

High energy, unhinged, and musically extravagant, taking traditional acoustic idioms and delivering with punk abandonment and virtuosic flare.

A dynamic three piece offering a unique sound emerging from Celtic, Gypsy Swing, Roma and Flamenco and tuned in savvy.507 days ago ++ 0 comments ++ Finally, The John Langan Bands first proper album, 11 tracks of pure, unadulterated live energy. Some reworked classics and some new Epic Soundscapes.

Racing Glaciers Racing Glaciers are a 5 piece band from Macclesfield, UK. Ahead Of You Forever, released 02 February 2014 1. Ahead Of You Forever 2. New Country 3.The weekend line-up – with no specified days for performances –includes Falling For Anything, The Tall Trees, Down Reno, Stella Converters, Backstab Burial, The Tender Hooligans, We Are Atlas,The Durbervilles and Stand Alone.

The audience can also see Samantha Rose, Mark Stringer, Izzy Wilkinson, Rosa Sargent, Oliver Pinder, Johnny B, Ben Blue Waters, Wilson and Declan Vink.

Admission on Saturday will be £5 on the gate, or £3 in advance from Keighley Civic Centre in North Street, Standing Room Only in Cross Hills or Sonia’s Smile in Haworth.