A KEIGHLEY footpath re-opened by Bradford Council only to be blocked again with two days is still closed off.

Members of the Braithwaite and North Dean Action Group (BANDAG) reported that the path, which runs between Raglan Street, in the Fell Lane area, and Becks Road, was blocked as of late Monday afternoon. (August 4)

BANDAG spokesman Barbara Archer said: "The footpath is still blocked, it's totally impenetrable from Raglan Avenue, though locals have been able to breach the site and gain access from the Becks Road side."

Late last month, council officers removed locks, chains and signs which had been installed to stop members of the public using the long-established path.

As reported in the Keighley News last week, Bradford Council has now threatened to take legal action against the person responsible for obstructing the route again.

Councillor Val Slater, Bradford's chief of planning and highways, said that this path is a designated right of way, and urged the person who has blocked it "to do the decent thing" and removed the metal barrier.