TWO diving brothers have taken the plunge with a new venture which will put the sport firmly in the public arena.

Mat (CORRECT) and Dave Cowen have launched a high-diving show, which is set to create a splash at events from galas to music festivals.

Dive Dynamix made its debut at New Coley Nurseries, Denholme, at the weekend, with free performances on both Saturday and Sunday.

"This was very much our launch and a chance to test things out," said Mat, 26, from Cross Roads.

"We're getting towards the back end of the summer now, so this year it's about preparation. Over the winter we will promote ourselves and then next summer get fully up and running with performances.

"Traditional diving shows tend to target venues such as theme parks but we wanted to adopt a different approach and take the show to the likes of galas, fairs, festivals and corporate events."

The Dive Dynamix show features a professional team of divers and includes springboard, platform and comedy diving and a high-dive from 25 metres into an 8.3 metre-deep water tank.

"I have dived for a long time in other people's shows and we had a team involved in the production of the TV programme Splash," said Mat.

"Dave and myself sat down and had a chat and decided to launch our own venture.

"The company was formed in January, but it has taken time to get all the equipment purchased and engineered and how we want it.

"It's a specialist area and everything needs to be right.

"There was a combination of nerves and excitement about the launch. We were delighted to get to that point."

The show is adaptable to customers' requirements, and can take a couple of days to set up.

"The tank requires 250,000 litres of water so simply filling that is quite a task!" said Mat.

He and Dave, 21 – plus 23-year-old sister, Jenny, who has a share in the business – have all dived from a young age and competed at international level.

Mat began diving when he was about six years old, competing with the British junior team and at senior events.

But he switched from competitive to performance diving when he was 16.

"I still do a bit of competitive diving but both Dave and myself enjoyed the fun side of it," he said.

Dive Dynamix can be found on Facebook and Twitter, or e-mail for further information.