A guide dog puppy walker and her young trainee visited Parkside School in Cullingworth.

Val Sherred and her puppy-in-training, 10-month-old German Shepherd Yara, were accompanied by Elizabeth White, who is partially sighted and hearing impaired.

Liz is between guide dogs at the moment and spoke to students about the loss of her independence while waiting for her new dog.

School spokesman Majella McColgan said: “The students loved meeting Yara and had plenty of questions for Val and Elizabeth, as they had been learning about guide dogs during their PHSCE lessons.

The visit was linked to the Parkside Puppy Project, which was launched by the Student Leadership Team and involves each class sponsoring a separate puppy.

Majella said: “We hope to be seeing Val again soon when she gets her new puppy and also Peter Lees and his retired guide dog Bernie.

“We look forward to our project continuing for years to come, with each set of school leavers handing over sponsorship of their puppies to the new year seven groups.”