A GHOST hunter says he has caught on film the image of a spirit at 17th-century East Riddlesden Hall.

He captured the footage while visiting the historic mansion, reputedly heavily haunted, with a friend.

Mark Vernon says he discovered the ghost within ten minutes of arriving at the National Trust property – and it then followed him around the building.

"As soon as I became aware of it we started filming," said Mr Vernon, 50, who has been investigating the paranormal for three decades.

"Initial contact was made downstairs but then we caught it again when we moved upstairs.

"I can hear spirits and speak to them, so I get lots of attention from them.

"There were quite a few spirits present in the hall.

"I would love to return there and do a full nighttime investigation, but unfortunately I haven't been able to get permission to do that.

"The hall is a wonderful place and I must say the staff were extremely helpful when I visited. I was treated well."

Mr Vernon travels the country carrying out paranormal investigations.

His most recent cases have been in Kent and Leicester.

"I don't charge people anything – it's just something I love doing and sharing," he said.

"If a place is genuinely haunted, things will happen when I walk in and I will get something on film."

East Riddlesden Hall's most famous ghost is the Grey Lady.

Her presence reputedly stems from the civil war, when the man of the house returned from battle to discover his wife had been having an affair – so he killed the lover and bricked-up his wife behind a wall to slowly die.

The woman is said to roam the corridors seeking her lost lover.

Other reported ghostly goings-on include a cradle seen rocking on its own.

Helen Clarke, for the National Trust, said: "We do occasionally hear of sightings or strange feelings experienced by some visitors to the hall.

"There are a number of legends surrounding these ghostly sightings, including the story of the Grey Lady, but thankfully there have never been any reports of anyone ever feeling threatened by a presence."