KEIGHLEY and South Craven school children attended special ceremonies to mark the declaration of peace in 1918.

They commemorated the event, either in school or at their village war memorials, with two-minute silences during Armistice Day on Friday, November 11.

At Holy Family School in Keighley, each tutor group held their own act of Remembrance then sent a representative to the front of school for a collective act.

Poppies, prepared in each tutor group, were planted in a corner of the garden.

Nessfield Primary School in Keighley held an Armistice Day assembly led by year six, and every child took along a poppy that they had made.

School spokesman Jenny Oakley said: “Year six children discussed the meaning of the poppy and the importance of a two minute silence.”

Jenny said the school’s pupils were taught to be mindful of others.

She added: “This means in our everyday life we think about others but Remembrance Day allowed us the chance to think about others that have helped us in the past.”

Staff and students of Cullingworth Primary School and Parkside School, which is also in Cullingworth, came together for the third year for a ceremony at the village war memorial.

Parkside was represented by its Student Leadership Team. Poetry was read by head boy and girl Taran Dhesi and Elicia Marks, who also laid a wreath.

Cullingworth pupils Dora Stott, Junior Mugadza, Lily Howroyd, Maryam Qureshi, Connor Rudkin and Emily Dickerson read their own poetry.

Glusburn Community Primary School held a special assembly of Remembrance led by the Rev Robin Figg from St Andrew’s Church in Kildwick.

School head Richard Hunt said: “The poignancy of the assembly was felt by all as the children and staff turned to thank Walter Evans, our 95 year old volunteer teaching assistant, who had fought in the Second World War and was involved in the Normandy Landings.

“Children were encouraged to wear their Cubs, Beavers, Rainbows, Brownies and Boys’ Brigade uniforms for the assembly.”

Glusburn children and staff later joined those from the two Sutton primary schools at the war memorial in Sutton Park, for a community act of Remembrance led by Rev Helen Collings from St Thomas’ Church, Sutton, with the laying of wreaths.

House captains and School Council members from the Glusburn school joined local people at the Armistice Day service in Cross Hills.

Kildwick CE Primary School joined villagers at a Remembrance service led by the Rev Figg at St Andrew’s Church, followed by a two-minute silence at the village war memorial.

Pupils Mia Goodwin and Max Bailey laid a poppy wreath on behalf of the school.

During the moving service the schoolchildren sang songs. Pupils Kate Boumphrey and Tom Smurthwaite read the poems Cenotaph and What Causes War by Roger Stevens.

Head Tim Whitehead said: “This was a fitting conclusion to our work around Remembrance in school.

“The children have written some astounding letters from the trenches which really capture the atmosphere and camaraderie of life on the frontline.”