A CHARITY fears that Keighley people could be struggling to pay their rent unaware that help is available.

Turn2us says that some people, told they don't qualify for housing benefit, could be eligible for Universal Credit.

"Private renters who aren't receiving means-tested benefits are not always being signposted clearly to the fact that they could receive support via Universal Credit," said Simon Hopkins, for the charity.

"And when eligible people do eventually become aware that they can apply, the six-week wait for Universal Credit means that many will be vulnerable to falling into arrears – or further arrears – and may lose their home.

"It is crucial to seek help if you are struggling to pay your rent.

"Support is available and while you might not always be eligible, it is important to check what you are entitled to so that you do not miss out on help that you could be receiving.

"This is particularly the case if that help could mean the difference between going into arrears or not."