THE POWER of print will be brought to life through song as the Commoners Choir performs at Keighley Library.

The performance on April 8 will show how the invention of print and the creation of public libraries brought information and knowledge to the people.

The 1pm presentation will be accompanied by an exhibition of printed posters celebrating the power of print, and a demonstration of an old letterpress printer.

The Commoners Choir was formed in 2015 by Boff Whalley, political activist, playwright and former member of the Chumbawamba band.

The 30-strong choir from Leeds, who sing about inequality and injustice, are touring areas where government cuts are hitting libraries.

There will be souvenirs, including a free CD of a Commoners Choir song written especially for the event.

The concert, funded by Arts Council England, is described as peculiar, memorable, feisty, celebratory, witty, angry and inclusive.