A KEIGHLEY district primary school is delighted with its double dose of success in two official inspection reports.

Assessors from both Ofsted and Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) have written in glowing terms about East Morton Church of England Primary.

Ofsted's inspector described the school as not only as "Good", but also an improving school in which parents have great confidence and where pupils thrive.

His comments closely follow on from the separate SIAMS report, which judged East Morton to be "outstanding".

Head teacher Katie Savage said: “As a school community we're delighted with the outcome of both our recent inspections, and have noted with pleasure the fact that the reports celebrate our school's distinctive ethos, vision and values, which have been central to our continued success.”

Councillor Imran Khan, Bradford Council’s executive member for education, employment and skills, said: “To undergo two inspections in quick succession is a challenge for any school, but East Morton CE Primary has come through with flying colours.

"These reports are full of praise for the way the school supports both pupils’ education and their personal and social development. They are a credit to everyone involved.”

In his own assessment, the Ofsted inspector said: "East Morton C of E Primary is a good and improving school.

"Provision for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, rooted in strong values, is exceptional.

"Consequently, pupils develop excellent personal and social skills and are prepared well for life in modern Britain.

"Effective staff training and development along with regular checks on the quality of teaching and pupils’ progress, within a challenging yet supportive culture, is increasingly helping teachers to stretch the most able pupils.

"Pupils throughout the school are making overall good progress, including the very few disadvantaged pupils eligible for the pupil premium.

"Effective provision for the youngest children enables them to make rapid progress by the time they join year one."

The SIAMS inspection, which rated East Morton CE Primary as outstanding, highlighted the school's welcoming and supportive ethos, as well as its distinctly Christian learning environment.

The report adds: "The importance shown to spiritual, moral, cultural and social education is clear within the diverse curriculum that embraces the arts and enables pupils to develop a personal sense of morality.

"There is time for reflection, awe and wonder, and the development of pupils’ higher order thinking skills in spiritual experiences that challenge and


"One year six child wrote, ‘God’s dream for me is to be kind and caring, so I am the best person I can be.’

"From an average or above starting point, pupils make good sustained academic progress. By the end of year six, most pupils reach or exceed national

academic expectations."