SUSPICIOUS minds might wonder why a Sutton pensioner is taking part in the Yorkshire Brick Show.

But it was always on my mind that Lego-building ace Audrey Webster could recreate anything from a Heartbreak Hotel to the Promised Land.

It’s now or never for 71-year-old Audrey because her model of Elvis Presley’s home Graceland has been selected for next month’s exhibition.

And with the help of Keith Moran’s BricKIT shop in Cross Hills, Audrey’s collection of Lego bricks are no longer ‘all shook up’.

Audrey said Lego had helped get her mind working, when she was trying to solve problems such as how to create a room for Elvis’s house.

She said: “Even if people have arthritis it is still possible to use Lego and it will help their dexterity.

“You don’t need to stand up to use Lego so people who are unable to walk can use Lego too.”

Mr Moran said Audrey had bought both new and second-hand Lego items to ensure her Graceland model was very detailed.

He said: “The house splits up and you can see inside which include Elvis’s bedroom, museum, living room, recording suite to name just a few of the rooms.

“Audrey is very pleased to be able to display the models and hopes to be an inspiration to other people of her age in using Lego to stimulate the mind.

“She has enjoyed using Lego since her children were young and now uses it on a daily basis as she finds it therapeutic and good for her mind.”

Mr Moran said he had many customers over the age of 60 who bought Lego for themselves.

He added: “We are hoping to hold some sessions in our play room if there is enough interest, where people can talk about their creations, learn some tips and get the pieces they need."

Anyone interested should email

Mr Moran set up BricKIT last year after running Bricks 4 Kidz sessions in schools and community centres across the Keighley area, focusing on the educational aspects of constructing models from Lego bricks.

Audrey’s model, which is made entirely of Lego, will be on display at the Yorkshire Brick Show in Wakefield from April 30 to May 1. Visit for further information.