A BREAK-IN at Haworth Primary School and six thefts from vehicles were among offences reported to parish councillors at a meeting in Cross Roads.

Police community support officer Helen Wynn-Evans delivered her latest crime report to members of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council at their 2017 annual parish meeting.

Outlining crimes in the parish since the parish council meeting at the end of February, she said burglars had smashed a window to get into Haworth Primary School, in Rawdon Road.

"We were on the scene very fast and they disappeared fairly sharpish," she added. "Investigations are still ongoing into this incident."

Commenting after the parish meeting, a spokesman for Haworth Primary confirmed the burglary had taken place at about 9.30pm on Tuesday March 21.

She added: "The CCTV showed three teenagers going around to the back of school.

"It looked as though they used a large stone to break one of the windows to one of the downstairs rooms, and as they went into the corridor the intruder alarm went off.

"They appear to have left very quickly through one of the fire doors and fortunately nothing was taken.

"We have the site manager living on site, so both he and the police were alerted as soon as the alarm went off.

"The police are still investigating at the moment, but fortunately the only damage was to the window."

People with information on the school burglary can contact police via the 101 non emergency number quoting crime reference number 13170 129840.

They can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

In the same period covered by PCSO Wynn-Evan's crime report there were two burglaries of homes in Cross Roads, including one incident in which criminals targeted the lock of a house in Halifax Road, but failed to get inside.

In the other case, in Cecil Street, burglars managed to get inside a house via an insecure door, enabling them to take van keys then steal a van.

PCSO Wynn-Evans said the parish had also experienced six thefts from vehicles, three thefts of vehicles and three cases of criminal damage to vehicles.

She reminded councillors that undergrowth surrounding Haworth's Weavers Hill car park had been cut back, to make it a lesser inviting environment for car thieves.

"With the warmer weather approaching we're warning people not to leave gardening items outside and to not leave sheds and other outhouses unlocked," she said.

"We also ask that people report crimes to us, rather than just on Facebook."

Responding to the crime update, Cllr Alan Watts raised concern over damage being inflicted on the bowling green in Haworth Central Park.

He said he had recently confronted some youths congregating at this location who were "churning up" the surface.

He warned that the bowling green would be ruined if youths continue to misuse this public space.