THE FIRST World War was a mere hiccup in Percy Snowden’s 50-year career with the Co-op in Keighley.

The Ingrow-born grocer survived four years with the army in war zones including France and Egypt.

Percy grew up in Hainworth Wood Road with three brothers and three sisters, starting with the Co-operative Society in 1908 as a 15-year-old apprentice.

Three years later he was a grocery assistant, and four years after that he found himself disembarking in France with the Army Service Corps.

By the following year Percy, who became a corporal, was wearing tropical uniform at Ballah, Egypt, where it is likely served with the British Army defending the Suez Canal.

Percy left the army in 1919, marrying Lily Rhodes and beginning 57 years of married life at a house in Alma Terrace, Woodhouse.

Meanwhile Percy returned to the Co-op, rising to staff supervisor at the central store in Brunswick Street.

During his career he was also the first manager at the provision shop in Low Street and was later transferred to the Newtown branch.

Lily died in 1975 at the age of 83, and Percy died the following year at the age of 84.

Percy had been a member of the Oakworth Park veterans and worshipped at Wesley Place Chapel.