REGARDING the article ‘History of first train into town’ (Keighley News, March 16).

The first six-inch Ordnance Survey map covering Keighley was surveyed in 1848 and published in 1853. The station is placed north of the level crossing, over Bradford Road.

There is a canopy over the track about 140 feet long with a building of the same length alongside. The major part of the building projects beyond the remaining 40 feet and, with three prominent projections, looks very much like the photograph you published.

That suggests the building Charlotte Brontë mentioned did not last very long at all.

Cavendish Street did not exist then except as an unnamed dead-end off Bradford Road extending halfway to Lawkholme Lane.

The next map was not surveyed until 1892, by which time the current layout had been established and the railway had become the Midland Railway with the Keighley and Worth Valley Branch and the Halifax, Thornton and Keighley railway both built.