SINCE I became completely disabled in October 2013, I have met with nothing but kindness from everyone, particularly from the taxi drivers (for I am dependent on lifts from kind friends and taxis now).

I have to congratulate the manager and staff of the Keighley Picturehouse. I went last year and just loved Madam Butterfly direct from the Royal Opera House in London, and everyone was so kind to me.

Incidentally, after watching TV with its news of the help needed in schools I would like it being known that when I retired from teaching because of my husband’s health, I had 48 in my class – no assistant – and had 46 children who got the 11-plus exam, the highest in Leeds. Granted, I had my class for two years and in each year I took up to 40 children youth hostelling in Swaledale – in our own time, school holidays. I wouldn’t be allowed because of health and safety these days but we relied on friends who willingly gave up their time to join us. Happy days indeed in my downtown school in Leeds.

MARIE CALTIERI Hainworth Lane, Keighley