WARTIME Mayor of Keighley Tom Snowden takes the salute at this march-past of women members of the National Fire Service in Victoria Park in 1943.

The occasion was a Stay-at-Home holiday during Keighley Parish Feast that July, when National Fire Service sports and competitions formed part of the entertainments.

For obvious reasons, firefighting was of paramount importance during the Second World War.

In 1941, local authority fire brigades had merged into a National Fire Service, with Keighley serving as the centre of a large F Division of No 5 Fire Force Area, with headquarters at Applegarth in Riddlesden but divisional fire stations as far away as Otley and Barnoldswick.

Activities in Victoria Park that July included a light trailer pump drill competition, to the winners of which the Mayoress presented a rose bowl trophy. Music was provided by the No 5 Fire Force Area Band and the B Division Dance Band.

The National Fire Service stood down in 1948.