KEIGHLEY councillor Abid Hussain has been formally installed as the new Lord Mayor of Bradford.

Outgoing mayor Councillor Geoff Reid passed on the chain and robes in a ceremony at City Hall on Tuesday.

Cllr Hussain, who represents Keighley Central, will hold the civic post for 12 months.

“I’m delighted to be the new Lord Mayor of Bradford," he said.

“I will be working with all faiths and will try to build some lovely bridges between the communities and all faiths and organisations, work with young people and in education.

“I am particularly delighted to be a Lord Mayor from Keighley, and my Deputy Lord Mayor is also from Keighley.

“I look forward to working with the Bishop of Bradford, Toby Howarth, and I would like to thank my Labour group for nominating me as Lord Mayor.”

Cllr Doreen Lee is taking over as Deputy Lord Mayor from Cllr Alun Griffiths.

After a year as civic head, Cllr Reid admitted he was getting fatigued towards the end of his tenure.

He said he was looking forward to a short break in Prague to recharge his batteries before resuming his role as a Lib Dem councillor in Eccleshill.

He said: “It feels right to be handing over the role of Lord Mayor to Cllr Hussain.

“I have enjoyed my year in the post.

“I have also been very happy with the support for the Lord Mayor’s Appeal in the last year.”

The new Lord Mayor has unveiled the charities he will be supporting through the appeal.

He is backing Bingley-based charity the Down Syndrome Training and Support Service, and the Wishing Well Appeal, which gives out small grants to smaller charities and organisations around the district.

Cllr Hussain added: "The Down Syndrome Training and Support Service is a fantastic local charity providing support to families as well as training in the inclusion, education and development of children with Down syndrome.

"The charity never likes to say no to any family or school in need of its help.

"The new Deputy Lord Mayor's grandson has Down syndrome and I know that this charity has supported her family so it is very close to her heart.

"The Wishing Well Appeal will provide small pots of funding to local organisations and groups to help them fulfil their dreams and enhance their projects without having to spend time raising money."

Bishop the Right Rev Dr Howarth said the role of Lord Mayor was “huge”.

He said: “It gives us a civic space within which to honour people, institutions and events in a way which is non-political.

“It’s particularly important that we have a Lord Mayor from Keighley.

“I’m also grateful that the new Lord Mayor has been so supportive of Believing in Bradford, a project we launched last year bringing a whole range of people from different backgrounds, faiths and communities together to represent the district.”

Jerry Lepine, the Dean of Bradford Cathedral, added that the appointment of a new Lord Mayor was a “very significant moment in civic life”.

“It’s a very important role in the life of the city,” he said.

“When the Lord Mayor turns up to an event it gives a certain kudos."