POLICE are examining footage of a reckless overtaking manoeuvre captured on a dashboard camera by a Wilsden man.

The man – who asked not to be named – was driving home from Bradford when a green Audi overtook him and then continued around the 'wrong' side of a traffic island.

"If someone had stepped off that traffic island they would have been cleaned out," he said.

"These people just think they are showing off.

"I only got the dashcam at Christmas, but any footage that can help prevent this sort of thing happening has to be a good thing."

The incident happened just before 5pm on Sunday, May 14, as the driver was heading along Toller Lane in Bradford towards the junction with Haworth Road.

Sergeant Cameron Buchan, who is leading the district-wide Operation Steerside police crackdown on dangerous drivers, thanked motorists who were now sending video footage of incidents to the Steerside e-mail address on a regular basis.

He added: "Driving around the wrong side of a traffic island is an offence in itself, but it would be roped in with an offence of driving without due care.

"It is exactly the type of incident Steerside is all about.

"Driving like that tends to result in an accident, although thankfully it didn’t in this case.

"The driver has gained nothing by their manner of driving and put themselves and others at risk."