AS a senior citizen I may be naive, but I honestly thought one of the clarion calls of the 38 per cent of the UK population which voted ‘Leave’ – and, yes, it was only 38 per cent – was to return sovereignty to the Westminster Parliament.

I have also for many months heard Tory grandees, such as Jacob Rees-Mogg, lecturing us on how important it is for Parliamentary democracy to be underpinned by an active opposition in Westminster.

Yet we have all heard the Prime Minister declaring that opposition parties must be defeated, opposition must be eliminated and we must all vote for her, and only for her, in the interests of “strong and stable government”.

Well, strong is not necessarily right and invariably not humble or humanitarian. Think of strong and stable leaders, like the late Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein and the still very much alive Vladimir Putin.

I am also not aware the UK has suddenly become a republic, like France or the USA, where citizens vote for a president. So, why all these “vote for me, vote for me” demands from the PM, riding in a battlebus where the word ‘Tory’ is relegated to a tiny side panel?

I shall cast my vote for a candidate whom I believe will be of real benefit to the Keighley constituency, and not for a ‘Dear Leader’ who seems to be regenerating into Kim Jong-May.

GRAHAM MITCHELL Dockroyd Lane, Oakworth