PARISH councillors in Haworth have launched a public consultation to determine how to respond to the loss of funding for their village's two public toilet blocks.

Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council has reminded local people that Bradford Council is due to withdraw its own support for the toilets in Haworth Central Park and at the Bronte Parsonage Car Park in April next year.

A spokesman for the parish council explained: "We're really keen to hear the public's view regarding this matter. Bradford Council will be removing funding from Haworth's public toilets from April 2018, and intend to close them if we don't do anything."

The short survey asks people whether they think the village's public loos should be run by the parish.

It asks whether they would like to either only save the park toilets, the toilets at the parsonage car park or both blocks.

Finally, the survey asks people whether they would be willing to pay extra to keep the public toilets in Haworth open.

People can visit to access the survey.

Councillor Gary Swallow, chairman of the parish council, said: "We've begun work on assessing all options in terms of the future of the two toilet blocks in Haworth.

"I personally believe these facilities are imperative to maintaining Haworth’s tourism industry, which in turn employs and supports individuals across the three villages.

"However, we're seeking the public's opinion. If we are to increase the precept and ask the public to contribute financially to the toilets, we must be confident that the people of the parish see this as a priority.

"We've begun an online consultation which can also be accessed via the parish council’s Facebook page, and will also be undertaking further research during the year."

Gill Hill, chairman of the Friends of Haworth Central Park, said the loss of public toilets would be "devastating" for a village which depends so heavily on tourists.

She said she was sure that losing the park toilets would impact on the park's coveted Green Flag status, which it has retained for about 10 years.