ONE of the stars due to appear in a new film adaptation of Emily Bronte's classic novel Wuthering Heights has visited Haworth.

Paul Eryk Atlas, who will play the part of Heathcliff in the Three Hedgehogs Films production of Wuthering Heights, came to the village earlier this month (June) for the first time since his childhood.

He explained: "It had become very clear to me that a visit to Haworth was well and truly overdue for several reasons.

"I've had the privilege of playing Heathcliff for over a year of filming – a very long time to be with a character, especially in screen acting – and during that time have become an epic fan of Wuthering Heights, Emily Bronte, her siblings and their many great works.

"For me, visiting Haworth seemed the perfect way to say 'goodbye' to a character that I've come to cherish like a brother.

"My last visit was when I was much younger, I visited with a school friend one weekend when we were 12.

"Haworth is a stunning little place, even more so in the torrential rain which was the case when I returned. I don’t think the place could have felt more like the Yorkshire described in Wuthering Heights.

"The highlight for me was walking through the doors of the parsonage and seeing the table on which Emily wrote Wuthering Heights and Charlotte Jane Eyre. The emotion hit me like a brick wall, if I’m honest, it was a very humbling moment."

"Speaking with Rebecca Yorke of the Brontë Society was a pleasure, all at the parsonage made me feel very welcome."

Mr Atlas also walked to Top Withens, adding that the bad weather only helped make the experience even more atmospheric and worthwhile.

He said: "Our film Wuthering Heights is now off to post production. We have only one scene left to do.

"It is my first film and has been a mammoth challenge, especially to play such an iconic character, but one I feel I couldn’t have given more to.

"I've had the chance to get my teeth into some very gritty script and had to have a lot of specific combat and equestrian training.

"Overall it has been an incredible experience."

The film, which has a £100,000 budget, is being directed by Elisaveta Abrahall and also stars Sha'ori Morris as Catherine Earnshaw.

It is expected to be released next year, in time for the bi-centenary of Emily Bronte's birth.

Some of the filming has taken place on the moors outside Haworth, but most has been done amidst similar looking landscape in the Welsh Borders area.