A BRONTE country-based gin producer has teamed up with a Keighley vodka distillery to ensure its unique product is supplied with a natural, authentic Yorkshire-based ingredient.

The Spirits of Bronte Drinks Company has joined forces with Royal spring Yorkshire Vodka which has its own drinks distilled, bottled, labelled, and dispatched from a distillery in Goulbourne Street, Keighley.

Yorkshire Vodka's distillery sits on top of a natural spring, which pumps out water straight from the Haworth moors.

A spokesman for Spirits of Bronte Drinks Company explained: "We're very, very chuffed – un-Yorkshire-like of us, we know – to announce we've formed a partnership with the amazing Yorkshire Vodka.

"This means our Yorkshire Lass’ Gin is now going to be made locally, using water that the Bronte sisters themselves probably drunk!

"Our founder Sam Long has tried to keep things as local as possible from the beginning, from the marketing to the merchandise.

"But she wanted Yorkshire Lass’ Gin to be the best it could be, so originally worked with one of the UK’s most prestigious distilleries down in the Midlands.

"However, now that the recipe has been perfected, she can combine it with Yorkshire Vodka's Royal Spring water from the Haworth moors and bring the whole manufacturing process to Yorkshire.

"The next batch of bottles will be made in the Keighley distillery alongside the Yorkshire Vodka range and will be available from early September 2017."

Sam, who is the founder of Spirits of Bronte Drinks Company, previously ran the Tanning Station in Oakworth for more than 16 years before deciding to sell-up and pursue her dream.

After a year perfecting the recipe, bottle and branding, the result is A Yorkshire Lass’ Gin, which was officially launched at the Haworth Old Hall gin festival in May.

Sam, who lives in Oakworth, explained that as a gin lover, she had identified a gap in the market for a gin with a citrus kick but a super smooth finish, adding that she "loved the idea of it being inspired by Bronte Country."

Royal Spring Yorkshire Vodka has itself grown out of an established Keighley mineral water firm which has been supplying this water from its own 300-foot borehole for nearly 20 years.

This business is owned and run by local bothers Peter Mastrantuono, from Oakworth and Alex Mastrantuono, from Cross Roads.

The brothers, who both have an engineering background, bought some of the equipment for their new distillery from China, but were able to make some of it themselves.

Peter said their vodka is hand processed without any automation and is available in three different proofs.