THE Keighley Playhouse opens its new season with a lively storyline from one of Britain’s best-known playwrights.

This venue will stage Alan Ayckbourn’s comedy, If I Were You.

Director, David Hardman says, “As often the case with Ayckbourn’s plays, we open on a middle-class domestic setting, the neatness of which is in sharp contrast to the chaos in the lives of the people living there.”

The Rodale’s seem like an ordinary family, but beneath the surface things are beginning to crack.

Jill and Mal have lost the spark in their marriage, their son Sam resents his father and daughter Chrissie has become a mum while dealing with marriage issues of her own.

Just as Mal and Jill’s marriage seems doomed, something odd happens to enable them to see things from a dramatically different perspective.

David added: “The family have their share of problems. Secret concerns, which they hide from each other to avoid hurt or confrontation.

“While they share advice on how others should live their lives, nobody really takes any notice.

“But relief is at hand; a solution that will change their lives forever.”

The show runs from August 21 to 26. Evening performances begin at 7.30pm and tickets range from £6 to £7. Call 07599 890769 to book.