A LEADING campaigner in the ill-fated battle to save Haworth's fire station hopes a volunteer brigade can be launched in the future.

Steve Thorpe vowed this week that he wouldn't give-up on efforts to restore firefighting provision to the village.

He was speaking after West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) confirmed that it had sold the former fire station.

County brigade bosses announced that the Station Road premises, controversially closed three years ago due to budget cuts, had been bought by a private company for £340,000 – £65,000 above the asking price.

Mr Thorpe, chairman of the Friends of Haworth and Worth Valley Fire Station, said he was saddened at the news.

But he remained optimistic.

"I'm disappointed that we couldn't save the fire station however we are moving forward," he said.

"The facility used to be in Belle Isle until it moved to Station Road 50 years ago and there's no reason why we can't look for other premises.

"I think in the future we will go back to having a voluntary fire service based somewhere in the village."

Mr Thorpe said a Worth Valley fire and emergency cadets scheme was proving hugely successful.

A third training course is being staged, giving young people tuition in a range of skills, including firefighting.

Each course has ten attendees and lasts around two months.

"It's going brilliantly well," added Mr Thorpe.

"We've also got our own fire engine, and we offer a pumping-out service in flooding situations.

"And we have sandbags that we can provide to the community."

WYFRS declined to name the buyer of the Station Road building, but said it was a West Yorkshire firm.

Senior technical services manager, Noel Rodriguez, added: "Now that the building is no longer our responsibility, we hope that whatever it is transformed into will benefit the local community.

"We are glad to have sold the building for above the valued price.

"The money from the sale will be reinvested back into the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service and into the maintenance and development of excellent service to our communities."

The property was put up for sale last summer despite a campaign to save and re-open it as a community-run emergency services hub.