A TRIO of war memorials remain on a revised shortlist of Bradford Council assets that Keighley Town Council hopes to take over.

Town councillors at their latest full meeting were updated on work done so far to explore the feasibility of taking responsibility for a swathe of local public spaces and memorials.

Since the plans were first made public in May of this year, a town council working group has been considering whether a list of 11 district council-owned assets can realistically be taken on by Keighley Town Council.

The group has removed four of these assets from its initial list, agreeing that these could prove too costly to maintain.

The public spaces culled from the list include: Granby Lane playground, North Dene Road playground, Parkwood Aire Valley Road football ground and Parkwood recreation ground.

Remaining on the list are Keighley War Memorial, Morton Cemetery War Memorial, Holden Park War Memorial, land which includes a children's play area off Thwaites Brow Road, Keighley/Redcar Tarn, Town Hall Square, former allotments at Holden Park and Whins Wood recreation ground.

Explaining the shortlist to councillors at their meeting last Thursday, (Sept 28) Cllr Anayat Mohammad said: "We're mindful about not overburdening ourselves, and that we show prudence to ensure we are capable of maintaining those assets we want to have transferred.

"At this first stage we are being very cautious."

Cllr Peter Corkindale said: "We do need to make sure that we can afford what we take on.

"It may be called 'asset transfer', but in many cases Bradford Council only transfers the debt while maintaining ownership of land and buildings. We need to be careful about this.

"I would still support these proposals if we want a town which looks like someone cares about it, and with grass that's mown and places for kids to play.

"But I'd ask that with some of these assets we push for ownership of the land as well."

Cllr Amjad Zaman commented: "How the tables have turned. Fifteen years ago we asked these [asset transfer] questions and they looked at us as if we were from Mars.

"The only reason this is happening now is because Bradford Council doesn't have the money."

Responding to Cllr Corkindale, Cllr Mohammad said: "I understand your concerns. We're looking carefully at this list and are conscious that what we take over will be assets we can afford to look after.

"I have been critical before of Bradford Council when they were dragging their feet over this process, but now I'm more hopeful because they are being very receptive to our needs."

Town councillors voted in favour of the working group conducting further discussions with Bradford Council about the revised shortlist of war memorials and public spaces.