THREE charities benefited from the efforts of kind-hearted pupils and staff at Kildwick Primary School.

Youngsters held a coffee morning and a harvest festival to help both local causes and people living in poverty abroad.

The coffee morning was held to raise money for cancer care charity Macmillan, bringing in £120. Donations of cakes and treats were sent into school by parents and carers.

Members of staff served tea and coffee as they opened the doors to the parents, then the remaining cakes were then sent around the classes so that children could buy them.

The school council helped to organise the event, serve the adults, and count the donations.

The coffee morning was followed by a successful harvest celebration in nearby St Andrew’s Church where children presented their food donations for distribution to Skipton Food Bank.

Fresh produce was auctioned in the church on Sunday with the proceeds going to Wateraid.

School head Tim Whitehead said: “We were once again overwhelmed with the generosity of our pupils, parents and carers, and would like to thank them for making the coffee morning and the harvest celebration successful events.”

Skipton Food Bank is run by Skipton Baptist Church, and the food is provided entirely from donations.

The food is distributed in hampers to people in need through local agencies, not directly from the church.

There are several donation points around Skipton and in surrounding areas. The Food Bank also provides help with debt counselling through Christians Against Poverty. Switch to Outlook