MEMBERS of a Keighley community are being quizzed on their knowledge of safety issues.

Parents, grandparents and residents in Braithwaite and Guard House are being asked about a range of topics.

Online and road safety, school attendance and general welfare are covered.

The initiative is part of the pioneering Children's Year of Safety campaign, which was launched in the area last month.

Partner organisations in Braithwaite and Guard House – including schools, the Rainbow Children's Centre, churches and voluntary groups – are encouraging as many people as possible to complete the quiz during Safeguarding Week, which begins on Monday (Oct 9).

Correct quiz entries will be entered into a prize draw.

The Children's Year of Safety aims to ensure everyone in the area is aware of the best ways of keeping youngsters safe, by focussing on six key steps over the next year.

First of the steps to be covered is 'come to school every day, and on time!'

This half-term, primary schools serving the area – Merlin Top Academy, Our Lady of Victories and Laycock Primary School – have giant banners outside their buildings to promote the message.

And they have backed the campaign by distributing information to parents via newsletters, websites and discussions at coffee mornings, and by creating displays and incorporating messages into assemblies.

District ward councillor Adrian Farley, who has worked closely with the schools to develop the campaign, said: "When children attend school every day they are getting the best opportunity to fulfil their potential in life, and they are also in a place where we know they can be safe.

"I am so pleased that three schools in my ward came together with Bradford Council and other partners to establish such a worthwhile project.

"Safeguarding is not one person's responsibility – it is the responsibility of everyone – and the Children's Year of Safety will focus on a number of themes throughout the next year to make everyone aware.

"I am really looking forward to working with partners over the coming months.

"I hope the Children's Year of Safety is an overwhelming success and that we can develop the project to include all schools in Keighley West ward and perhaps further afield in the future.

"This has to be a long-term commitment."

Next half-term the focus of the campaign will be on children getting enough sleep to allow them to have a good day at school.

For further information about the Children's Year of Safety, contact council ward officer Liz Parker at Keighley area co-ordinator's office on 01535 618008.