THE Keighley couple who set up their own electrical company only two years ago are celebrating securing a vital partnership agreement that is potentially worth millions for their business.

McNally Electrical Yorkshire Ltd, currently based just off Oakworth Road, was founded by husband and wife pair Nicky and Nicola McNally.

It has now become a "Nationwide Installation Partner" with Rolec Services, a leading specialist in the manufacture of electrical vehicle (EV) charging points.

This means the Keighley-based firm is working with Rolec to fit these devices all over the UK.

Supporters of electric vehicles have long championed their role in helping to create a sustainable and more environmentally friendly world.

And with the demand for EV chargers set to grow, Mr and Mrs McNally say they are confident their firm's strategy of exploiting this niche in the market so early on will pay huge dividends in future.

The couple live in Bracken Bank. Mr McNally is originally from Silsden and before setting up his own business was employed as an installations manager for Green Deal Factory.

Mrs McNally is from Ingrow and worked for six years in sales at Stockbridge-based firm Harrison & Clough.

Mr McNally said he had been "over the moon" when his company's Nationwide Installation Partner status was first confirmed.

"This means that Rolec will be working with us throughout the UK," he added. "We're going to be installing EV chargers from Carlisle to Plymouth.

"We'll still be finding work, but Rolec will also be passing work to us."

He said the scale and speed of the expansion his firm needs to undertake to meet demand has been a little daunting, noting that it is doubling its fleet of vehicles.

"We're employing more office staff and more engineers," he said. "And we might possibly have to move from where we're based now.

"We'd started off doing about 10 installations a month but now we're doing over 100 a month.

"As the interest in electric cars grows we need to grow with it and ensure we stay one step ahead of the game.

"That's what we've always been trying to do anyway, and as other companies begin entering the industry we've got to make sure that we remain the trusted business.

"We've done our research and we've been staying up till all hours talking about how we'll do things. What we do know is that the strategies we're putting together now will bring more work our way.

"At the moment we employ four installers and two office workers but we hope to have doubled our workforce by early next year."

The couple said the process of putting in new EV chargers requires detailed paperwork. Mrs McNally said each new installation needs 20 pieces of documentation.