A WORTH Valley school has taken advantage of the digital communications revolution to enhance its ability to keep parents in the loop.

Oxenhope Primary School has introduced an app, in response to parents suggesting it would make communication easier.

The school's head teacher, John Parkin, confirmed this development while updating members of Oxenhope Parish Council at their latest monthly meeting.

Commenting on the school's blog, he urged parents to download the app, which is free and available on Google Play and The App Store.

He added: "Parents can access all the newsletters, news items and key dates on a calendar, and sign up for alerts when a new item is posted.

"It also allows us to send messages about school closure and important information that needs sharing as soon as possible.

"It’s a whole new world of communication and I’m looking forward to seeing it’s impact."

He added: "When Parent Pay also comes online we really will have the capacity to reduce the paper output from the school to practically zero and have all money collection done electronically as well."