OXENHOPE parish councillors agreed to move forward with plans to take over the management of one of their village's public green spaces.

They approved a proposal to take over Oxenhope Rose Garden on the basis of a long-term lease from the property's owner, Bradford Council.

However, councillors also asked that the process be subject to legal checks.

And Cllr David Ashcroft asked: "Is the Rose Garden subject to any rates or taxes that we're not yet aware of? We need to know if there are any liabilities."

Cllr Tony Maw pointed out that despite the wording of the process on the paperwork, this would be a long lease rather than an actual asset transfer.

Council chairman Cllr Ken Eastwood said: "It is reassuring to know that with three months notice we could give the land back to Bradford Council, if we don't get enough support for our project."

The parish council has plans to radically change and improve the Rose Garden, to make it a better asset for residents.

It has previously agreed in principle proposals which would involve turning part of the garden into a paved square with new seating.

Plots would be set aside as grassed leisure areas and a rectangular section would become a dedicated rose garden.

All trees and shrubs around the perimeter, apart from the current cherry trees, would be replaced with new cherry trees.

The terms of the lease from Bradford would mean Oxenhope Parish Council would only pay a peppercorn rent for the garden.

It would become responsible for the land's upkeep and for emptying its litter bins.