CELEBRITY ghost hunters will descend on Keighley Bus Museum in a TV show tonight.

Yvette Fielding and her team of paranormal investigators from top-rated spook series Most Haunted will probe the secrets of the old foundry building.

They will explore the stories behind the history of the building and the buses from various eras that it contains.

The museum, at Riverside near Dalton Mills, will be showcased during the show on satellite and cable channel Really at 10pm.

A spokesman for Most Haunted said: “Once an old foundry, this large old building houses vehicles from a bygone era that are said to still contain passengers who never reached their destination.”

Higgypop, a website for paranormal use, this week stated that the museum was so creepy because it was packed with old buses from every era, many in a state of disrepair making them “all the more disconcerting”.

The website added: “If that wasn't enough, the depot was formerly a foundry and it too has a very grim past with stories of suicide, accidental death and plenty of ghost stories.”