VOLUNTEERS from Keighley who travelled to Bangladesh late last year to help hundreds of thousands of desperate refugees will undertake a return mission this month.

In October, members of the One Vision group carried out a humanitarian supplies trip to camps in south east Bangladesh, which are currently accommodating more than 800,000 displaced Rohingya Muslims.

The Rohingya have been forced from their homes in neighbouring Burma by a murderous campaign of ethnic cleansing conducted by the Burmese military and by Burmese Government backed civilian militias.

The small team of One Vision volunteers travelled to Bangladesh after collecting a massive charity sum of £100,000, which came from people in Keighley and other donors from all the UK.

During their six days in Bangladesh the One Vision group linked up with international charity Al-Imdaad Foundation to use this cash to buy and hand out urgently needed aid.

But now the Keighley One Vision members are planning a follow-up trip to the refugee camps. They had originally intended to travel on December 21 2017, but currently aim to head for Bangladesh on January 17.

They will be installing water pumps and providing food to the destitute Rohingya.

One Vision spokesman Razaq Hussain, a Keighley-based businessman, said: "Due to various different reasons, including the busy festive period here, we postponed our second distribution to January 17, so we're preparing for that.

"We're raising funds now. At the moment we're on around £35,000, but we're hoping to get at least £50,000 worth of aid to distribute."

People can visit 1visioncharity.com to support this appeal.