A schoolgirl has beaten playground bullies, who branded her as ugly, to become a glamour model.

Terri Reece, now 23, has been modelling for 18 months and next Tuesday will be a guest on Trisha, a Channel Five television programme, in a one-off show about men's fantasies.

Terri, pictured left, stepped into the limelight after winning a national newspaper competition, and from there her career started to take off as she did shoots with the likes of FHM, Nuts magazine, Loaded and became a pole position girl for the British Superbikes. Her life has gone from being one of torment to one of pleasure.

Back in Keighley for the day Terri said: "Up until I was 15 I was really ugly. I had dark hair and buckteeth and I was just horrible. I was really insecure and I was bullied.

"I began to hate Keighley. Then when I was 16, ten girls beat me up and I had to go into hospital.

"I didn't want to go out anywhere and I just didn't want to leave the house."

She added: "I was quite chunky as well, but when I shed all my puppy fat people started to say to me you could be a model'.

"My confidence has really grown. Before I started modelling, I just wanted to cover myself up from head to toe and I kept myself to myself."

Terri also features in a music video for up and coming band The Fused, whose single, Getting over Me, has been installed on over one million MP3 players nation-wide.

She currently works for an agency and occasionally does her own freelance modelling work.

She said that she "will never go topless", but had done some "artistic" nude shots.

Having lived in Keighley for 20 years, Terri has now ventured to London where she does a number of modelling jobs and promotional work and is hoping to achieve great things.

Terri said: "I originally got into modelling because I wanted to boost my self-esteem.

"Now I want to be on every front cover there is."

All her family is really proud that Terri has got through her troubled younger years and hope that she will progress on to bigger and better things.

She said: "My mum is really chuffed and happy because I am a different person." Terri said she planned to do modelling for another couple of years, before going to university to embark on a degree in social studies.