A Keighley man who was left badly scarred after a driver ran over him in a case of mistaken identity has won a “substantial” out-of-court settlement.

Anthony Tillotson, 30, was walking near Milano’s, in North Street, Keighley, in April 2007, when a car reversed into him — sending him crashing through a restaurant window.

The driver had mistaken Mr Tillotson for someone he had previously argued with and was attempting to run him over, Mr Tillotson’s solicitor said.

Mr Tillotson, a lift engineer, of Ingrow, was left with severe leg wounds and was taken to Airedale Hospital.

He could not work because of his injuries, which included a severe 12-inch gash to the bone of his left shin.

He also suffered scarring on his arms, body and face and had to spend two weeks in hospital, where surgeons carried out a skin graft operation.

He said: “Initially, I had a lot of problems which were a result of my injuries, and I spent three weeks on crutches. Three years on, my scars are terrible reminders of what happened to me that night.”

A woman who was standing nearby was also injured and was taken to hospital.

Police later discovered the car involved, a silver Vauxhall Vectra, in Otterburn Street.

The driver was arrested and served a 20-month prison sentence for grievous bodily harm and was banned from driving for a year. Matthew Tomlinson, a partner at Russell Jones & Walker, the solicitors who represented Mr Tillotson, said: “The events surrounding this accident were unusual to say the least, so we are delighted that this case has been settled out of court and enabled Anthony to be compensated for the terrible ordeal he endured.

“His injuries were severe as a result of being thrown forcefully through a shop window and his recovery took time.

“However, Anthony is pleased that at the end of a difficult three years he feels that justice has been done and that he can finally draw a close to the matter,” said Mr Tomlinson”