The town council’s planning committee might start automatically recommending all planning applications for refusal if it does not get co-operation from Bradford Council.

The warning was voiced by the committee’s chairman Cllr Brian Hudson, who said he and his colleagues were sick of receiving inadequate plans or no plans at all.

He said the situation had worsened since the district council began supplying all application details electronically.

The town council, which is consulted on such applications and forwards its responses to Keighley Area Planning Panel, downloads the information on to a laptop then displays it on a projector.

Cllr Hudson said: “For more than two or three months now we’ve asked Bradford to get the planning side of things right. They still haven’t.

“We don’t get the proper information we need to judge planning applications. Sometimes we don’t get the plans at all.

“We’ve written letters to chief planning officers but this has made no difference.”

He said on some occasions the committee was provided with nothing more than a single A4 sheet of information for a complex planning proposal.

He said it also has to contend with vague or even non-existent measurements.

He added: “We’ve been banging our heads against a wall since this electronic system came along.

“We are expected to judge these plans and we do have a right of consultation.

“If Bradford Council does not start respecting that we will recommend everything for refusal then refer it all to the Keighley Area Planning Panel.”

Speaking after the meeting Cllr Hudson said: “How can we deliver a service to our community when Bradford is not giving us the tools to do the job?”