MUSEUMS At Night returns to the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth this week.

Bradford Astronomical Group will visit the village on Thursday, October 26 for a special event accompanying the monthly late-night opening of the parsonage.

Reflecting the Brontë family’s interest in astronomy, members will be speak about astronomy in the 1800s and show off an antique brass telescope from the 1820s.

Visitors can learn about light pollution, use computers to look at the night sky during the Brontës’ time, and observe the sun and stars through telescopes.

The museum is open until 8pm, and admission after 5.30pm will be free to anyone providing proof of residence in the BD22, BD21 and BD20 postal areas.

Museums at Night will on Friday, October, 27, welcome Grant Montgomery, production designer for the BBC’s acclaimed TV film about the Brontës, To Walk Invisible.

He will provide an intimate look behind the scenes of the reimagining of Branwell Brontë’s studio for the current parsonage exhibition Mansions in the Sky.

Visit for further information about both events.