A STEETON company has grown from modest origins into a major international force in its field.

RA Medical Services is now a premier UK and Irish supplier and service provider for inhalation and anaesthetic equipment.

And following an extensive 18-month application period, the Skipton Road firm has been granted a so-called 510K manufacturing licence by the Federal Drug Agency in the USA.

The move means RA Medical Services can manufacture and export a product known as Miniscav.

Developed in-house by the company, it is used in medical and dental environments with equipment to help give inhalation pain control – a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide.

Janet Pickles, who co-founded the firm with husband Chris, said: “Working in conjunction with an American agent – who is currently developing product interest for a variety of medical areas such as orthopaedics, urology and obstetrics – the expectations for expansion are significant.

“An example of the type of delivery unit used would be an MDM – still very similar to a unit manufactured by Keighley company Cyprane in the 1960s and 70s. Although now made in the US, we are sole distributors for the UK.”

Mrs Pickles said RA Medical Services was formed, in 1994, as a “historical reflection” of Cyprane.

Her husband worked for the West Lane firm for many years and although now semi-retired, he still advises her and the next generation of four sons, who are responsible for the business’s day-to-day operations.

The team was recently visited by Robert Edmondson, son of Cyprane co-founder Bill Edmondson.

Robert, accompanied by his wife Brenda, was given a tour of the factory and workshops – including the Miniscav production line.

“I explained that we are a direct heritage of Cyprane and he found the tour fascinating,” said Mrs Pickles.

“In addition, Robert brought with him many original Cyprane documents and photographs, offering an insight into the early years of the company.

“This gave me an opportunity for further research towards a text book I hope to write on inhalation sedation, which will include achapter on the origin and early years of the MDM and other anaesthetic equipment production in Keighley.

“Thanks to Robert, I now have photos of all three Cyprane founders!”