A DENTAL company is smiling after it achieved record turnover figures in its second year of trading.

Ethoss, based at Ryefield Court, Silsden, has posted a 187 per cent increase in turnover for the 2016-17 financial year.

The firm specialises in a product which helps regenerate bone to support dental implants.

Ethoss, which started in 2015, is already making inroads into global markets after signing distribution deals with partners in Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and France earlier this year.

It has also taken on extra staff to cope with an increase in demand for its products and is planning a further recruitment drive later this year.

Dr Paul Harrison, managing director of Ethoss Regeneration, said: “The pace of growth for Ethoss over the last 12 months has been outstanding.

“We continue to grow our market share in the UK and, with the number of partners we have signed up in recent months across Europe, we expect to see company growth accelerating at an even more rapid rate in the year ahead.

“Ethoss is a truly innovative solution which is benefitting both dentists and patients, so we are delighted to see the market moving towards synthetic technologies and a superior product.”

Mr Harrison added the company would be expanding into the Middle East and beyond.

He said: “Alongside our European success, this year we will focus on taking Ethoss to customers in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific regions, and we are already under way with the extensive regulatory process to get the product approved for sale in the USA - a significant investment for us.

“We are still relatively young as a company but we are excited to be taking this technology overseas and it is particularly encouraging to see growth in more established markets such as those in Western Europe.”

Ethoss is a synthetic bone graft material used to help patients regenerate bone to support dental implants.

It is free from any animal or human content and generates 50 per cent new bone for the patient after 12 weeks. Bosses say this process means surgical procedures can be completed more quickly and reliably.

The product does not require an expensive separate collagen membrane to be used in the procedure. It reduces the cost to dentists and patients and helps to speed up healing times.