YOUNGSTERS from Eastburn Junior and Infant School were treated to a trek through history at Bradford Industrial Museum.

The Learning History Day showed the year-one pupils how life in the past was very different and the extent to which technology had made household jobs much easier.

Teacher Sarah Rook said: “We are developing an awareness of the past in history, particularly comparing transport and technology.

“The children really enjoyed soaking, starching, scrubbing and finally plunging clothes into a dolly tub before using a mangle, not a washing machine and dryer.

“They were also fascinated that so many people used to live in such a tiny room.

“We also looked at the cars, buses and model trams, in addition to comparing the different rooms with our own. No-one could see a television or tablet.”

The museum has permanent displays of textile, printing and engineering machinery, steam power and motor vehicles, along with an exhibitions programme.

Visitors can also see Moorside House, where the mill manager lived, or visit the mill workers’ terraced houses decorated to reflect three different time periods.