HAWORTH 1940s Weekend has become so big it has got “out of the control” of its organisers, according to a councillor.

Members of Haworth, Cross Roads and Stanbury Parish Council, who reviewed the 2018 weekend at a meeting, were told of drunken behaviour, entertainments unrelated to the 1940s and battle re-enactment explosions which terrified people’s pets.

But councillors noted much of the feedback they received about the weekend had still been positive, with people telling them they had enjoyed the occasion.

Cllr Sarah Garner said: “Although we’re being critical, we should remember it was the first time this particular committee had run the weekend.”

Cllr Gary Swallow said he had received many e-mails from people unhappy with aspects of the event. “These included the loud explosions from the re-enactment disturbing pets and livestock,” he added.

“There was fighting in one of the pubs on the Friday night and on Saturday night there was such a big commotion at the top end of the village that two police cars and a Black Maria attended to break up the disturbance.

“Another comment I received was that events in the park seemed to be fairground type entertainments, which didn’t seem to have much connection with the 1940s.

“I remember attending the first Haworth 1940s Weekend in 1995. That was a one-off event to commemorate 50 years since VE Day.

“It was a small, historically-themed event with no drunkenness or any other trouble. But since then it’s got bigger and bigger.”

Cllr Alan Woodward said: “It has become a monster that’s got out of the control of the 1940s Weekend committee. While it’s a great weekend it needs better planning.”

Cllr Peter Clarke said: “The weekend has been deteriorating year on year. Drunken behaviour has become more noticeable, and I think the event has reached the end of its natural life. That’s my personal opinion.”

District councillor Russell Brown said: “The organising committee were staging the weekend for their first time, and they were ambitious.

“While I know police say they were busier than they’d expected, the feedback I had from people that attended was very good.”

“It’s difficult for the organisers to generate income to pay for the money they need for traffic management. Should they close the park and make entry ticketed? But the park doesn’t have a very high wall...”

Cllr Andy Longden said while the weekend’s committee would need to take a closer look at sales of alcohol over the weekend, he thought it had still been a good event.

Cllr David Mahon praised the organisers’ repeated efforts to clear away accumulating litter from Haworth Central Park over the weekend.

“The good weather brought in loads of people, and you can’t stop them from drinking in the park,” he said.