A KEIGHLEY woman discovered secret siblings thanks to her appearance on Jeremy Kyle’s TV show.

Cara Jane Farrah-Peterson learned that her half-sister Melanie was really her full sister after DNA tests showed they shared the same father and mother.

The TV revelation then led to Cara realising her childhood friend Karen – Melanie’s half-sister – was actually her half-sister.

The discoveries led to tearful reunions with both siblings as well as Michael, the man Cara vaguely knew from her time in Keighley, but had never realised was her true dad.

Cara said: “It’s like I’ve got a new family. I’ve been back to Keighley this month to meet them. It was very emotional.”

The complex web of family ties came after Cara – known as Caroline Green during most of her time in Keighley – had spent several decades unsuccessfully trying to trace her father.

Recent research into a family tree by teenage son Mason prompted Cara, 53, to contact Jeremy Kyle, who is famed for bringing long-lost relatives together.

Mother-of-seven Cara, 53, was born in Keighley, but spent most of her first 12 years in a children’s home with Melanie.

Cara always understood that Melanie’s father Michael had walked out after the two girls’ mother had an affair, and that her own father was the man her mother had slept with.

Cara returned to Keighley with Melanie when she was 12, after their mother remarried, and while at Swire Smith Middle School, Cara made friends with Karen, who was Michael’s daughter from a second marriage.

It was only last month, after Jeremy Kyle’s DNA revelations concerning Cara and Karen, that the penny dropped with Cara that, since Melanie and Karen’s father Michael was her father, then Karen must also be her sister.

Cara said: “At school I felt a strong connection with Karen immediately. I always liked her and felt a bond. We wished we were sisters.

“We drifted apart when we grew up, but we met again through Facebook in 2015. When I told Karen she was my sister she was really chuffed. We have so much in common.

“I also phoned Michael up – it was weird, I’ve never called him dad. He was really happy. He welcomed me with open arms.

“I knew him when I was a child. I’d see him in his van, and I knew he was Melanie’s dad and he’d say hello to me.”

Cara, who has lived in Scarborough for about eight years, said she had faced problems throughout her life due to not knowing the true identity of her father.

She said: “I couldn’t access my birth certificate at Keighley Town Hall because I had been adopted.

“Getting a bank account or a passport was hard. I was in my late 13 months before Citizens Advice got me sorted.

“The who adopted me didn’t even bring me up, and me and my were in a cruel children’s home.

“I am a new person now and have changed my name by deed poll.

“I finally have a family I’ve always wanted and an identity.”