A Woodhouse man fears that flooding caused by a blocked culvert is undermining the foundations of his house.

John Brigg said water running through private land next to his garden had already affected his driveway.

He said during recent heavy rain water had begun seeping into his basement garage and store room.

Bradford Council has arranged to carry out remedial work even though it says it is not responsible for the land.

The problem concerns a Hogg Hole Beck, which runs under Hainworth Wood Road then down past Mr Brigg’s property.

The stream runs through a small stretch of ravine, and Mr Brigg said the ownership of this land was unknown.

Mr Brigg first contacted the Keighley News in 2010 when flooding regularly raised the level of the stream, each time washing away part of the banking under his driveway.

He had upgraded his driveway 18 months previously at a cost of £17,500, and a builder had warned him there was a potential danger from the stream.

Mr Brigg said the drive was essential so his wife Sandra, who has multiple sclerosis, could easily reach their car.

Mr Brigg said council officers last month advised him not to use his driveway because it might collapse.

He said: “My house is lower than the culvert. The water is coming under my house. My garage and storage is under the house. When I opened my door in the garage the floor was full of water.”

In recent weeks Bradford Council engineers have carried out tests to find out where the water is coming from.

Principal drainage engineer Tony Poole told the Keighley News: “Although Bradford Council is not responsible for the land we have made arrangements for a contractor to start work to clear the watercourse.”