Two young men who spent today on the roof of a house in Highfield have been coaxed back inside by police.
Trained negotiators have been in communication with the youths for several hours at the terraced house in Redcliffe Street.
It is believed the boys, described by police as "juveniles", have tonight been moving between the roof and the interior.
Earlier today the youths, who took to the roof just before midday, were hurling missiles from the rooftop.
Police cordoned off the neighbourhood around Redcliffe Street, and tonight police remained on guard at each access point.
Around an hour ago one large group of male youths, gathered in nearby Drewry Road, cheered as a firework was thrown into the street.
Police inspector Paul Clynch, who is overseeing the incident, told the Keighley News that the safety of the boys was paramount, as well as the safety of the local community.
He said: "Negotiations are ongoing. At the moment they're not on the roof. The paramount thing is that we can resolve the incident without anyone getting hurt."
Insp Clynch said he could not give details of why the youths had first gone on the roof, because they were juveniles.
He said the boys had not threatened to harm themselves.
This afternoon the incident attracted dozens of onlookers, despite the cold. Some of them said they were not able to get back into their homes because their street was cordoned off.
One man, Amjid Ali Khan, said the youths had been his tenants for about seven months.