Parish councillors have met two Worth Valley residents to discuss how to better publicise and promote civic activities.

Charlie Holmes and Liz Barker attended Oxenhope Parish Council’s November meeting.

Ms Holmes said: “I’ve lived here all my life and I’m very loyal to the village.

“It’s disappointing how many people don’t come to council meetings. It feels like a bit of work needs to be done to promote the parish council and anything to do with Oxenhope.”

Council chairman, Councillor Neal Cameron, said: “There’s a general apathy about what we do, but it’s not just us.

“How many people go to Bradford District Council meetings unless they have to? Not many, I suspect.”

Coun Reg Hindley pointed out Oxenhope’s once close-knit community had been radically altered by social changes, which were not unique to the village.

He added: “When I first moved here in 1964, 98 per cent of people were related to each other.

“Now, I go to the Co-op and nod politely to people there and everyone looks at me blankly because many are offcumdens who have not put down any roots that I can see.

“I’m not deploring this, I’m pointing out that life has been changing and there are certain consequences of those changes.”