A man raising money to fight homelessness and human trafficking visited Keighley as part of a mammoth 7,900-mile trek.

Andy Peddle, 70, is walking to every Salvation Army centre across the UK and Ireland.

The sponsorship cash he generates will go towards this charity’s homeless and anti-human trafficking programmes, and he is aiming to collect £100,000.

He reached Keighley’s Salvation Army branch, in High Street, last Thursday morning.

He is being backed by a team of support drivers, and volunteers have been accompanying him for short stretches of his epic route.

Mr Peddle said: “We’re 3,328 miles into it, so only about another 4,600 miles to go!

“I’ve just had a week off for Christmas, but I’ve been walking 20 miles a day, six days a week. Apart from the weather, which is the one thing you can’t do anything about, it’s gone pretty well to plan.”

He added he had come to Keighley 20 years ago, when he was doing a charity walk for Oxfam.

Mr Peddle, who is from High Wycombe, is retired but used to sell Bibles and other Christian books. He is a Salvation Army member, and was previously in the tenor section of the International Staff Songsters, the charity’s premier choir.

He began his long march in the Shetland Islands in May last year, and aims to finish in London in November. When he completes the route, he will have called at 645 Salvation Army churches and 191 other Salvation Army facilities.