Baildon ward councillors were taken on a tour of Denholme youth cafe to give them a better idea of what is on offer – with the long-term goal of opening a similar facility in Baildon.

The Denholme youth cafe is housed in a cabin near the entrance to Foster Park and offers activity space and cooking facilities.

Although it is such a small space, the cafe, run by Bradford Youth Service, still has more than 50 members, and 20 regulars.

Sarah Dunn, who works at the cafe, said she believes it is popular with older teens as they have little else to do in the village.

She said: “It gives them something else to do. There is a park on our doorstep which is helpful.”

She said members had to agree not to come to the youth cafe under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and to show each other respect.

Miss Dunn added: “If they weren’t here they would either be out on the streets or at each other’s houses drinking. Here we know they are not doing any harm.

“A lot of the time I get here to open up and there are kids standing outside waiting for us to open.”

The youth cafe has been praised by local police for leading to a drop in anti-social behaviour in the area.