A Cullingworth-born man killed in a collision with a car in Manningham last Friday was due to get married later this year.

father-of-seven Norman Cowen, who died last Friday, was set to wed his sweetheart Mandy, 41, on June 8 in Bradford – the same day as his brother Paul’s birthday.

Mr Cowen’s sister-in-law Kath Laws said the couple had booked their wedding in November.

“Mandy is distraught, as anybody would be,” said Mrs Laws. “There is nothing you can say or do that is going to make it better.”

Mr Cowen, a 50-year-old plasterer, was crossing Manningham Lane last Wednesday when he was in collision with a car.

He was rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary with a serious head injury but, according to Mrs Laws, never regained consciousness.

His mum Ann, 72, was on holiday in Australia visiting Mr Cowen’s sister Gail when the tragedy happened.

Mrs Laws, who described Mr Cowen as a happy-go-lucky chap, said: “His mum had to get an emergency flight back from Australia on Friday. She didn’t get back until Saturday.

“She is all over the place at the moment.”

Mrs Laws revealed that Mr Cowen’s death was the latest tragedy to hit the family, as sister Gail, 55, has just undergone a double mastectomy and brother Paul, 54, has overcome throat cancer.

“They can’t throw anything else at us,” said Mrs Laws. “His sister is distraught in Australia. I have had her on Skype. She is so frustrated because she wants to come and give us all a big hug.” Mr Cowen and Mandy, who had been together for two years, lived in the same block of flats at Thornville Court as his brother Paul and sister-in-law Kath.

Mrs Laws revealed that the family had agreed to donate his organs and that his kidneys and heart valves had been used already. “The fact he has helped someone else has helped his mum,” said Mrs Laws. “We are all proud of him for that.”