A woman was raped in a park after her attacker saw she was down on her luck and offered her vodka and cigarettes, a jury was told.

Khalid Mahmood spotted his alleged victim picking up a cigarette butt in the street after she was left penniless when her purse was stolen, Bradford Crown Court heard this week.

Mahmood, 31, of Gordon Street in Keighley, denies raping the woman in Cliffe Castle Park in the town on March 21, 2011.

Prosecutor, Matthew Bean, said she had called at the Job Centre to arrange a crisis loan after losing her purse.

Mr Bean said she was “in a fairly desperate situation”, and Mahmood saw her pick up the cigarette end off the pavement near Keighley Library. He was friendly, gave her a cigarette and suggested they go to the park together.

The court heard Mahmood had a bag containing vodka and After Shock. The woman went willingly with him, and they sat near a fallen tree, drinking, smoking and talking.

Mr Bean said the woman was “at a very low point in her life”.

He alleged she made it very clear she did not want to engage in sexual activity with Mahmood. She pulled away when he tried to kiss her and told him to stop when he tried to put his hand up her shirt.

Mr Bean said the woman became so drunk she either lost consciousness or was no longer aware of what was happening to her. The jury was told Mahmood had sex with her in the park.

She could recall nothing about it and woke up in Airedale Hospital later that day, after Mahmood called an ambulance.

Mr Bean said the woman was so heavily intoxicated she did not have “the freedom and capacity” to make a choice about whether to have sex with Mahmood.

He told the court he was well aware of her physical state and that she was not consenting. Her eyes were glazed and she was unable to stand. The ambulance crew saw her trousers were undone and there was bark and leaves in her underwear.

Mahmood admitted to having sex with the woman but said it was with her consent. He told the court yesterday he panicked when police questioned him about the alleged rape.

He said: “I was scared because I knew I had had sex with her, but I had not done anything wrong. I was scared people, especially my family, would find out that, one, I’d been drinking and, two, I had sex with somebody else.”

Mahmood said she did not seem drunk, but later, after she fell over three times, he called an ambulance because he was worried about her. He pointed paramedics in the direction of the victim then left because he was worried his family would find out about their liaison.

The trial continues.