A former Keighley man has become a legend in the treasure hunting world just a year after picking up his first metal detector.

Daniel Holdsworth regularly unearths rusted weaponry discarded during the Second World War – some of it still dangerous – in the forests near his home in Berlin.

He passes on his passion for metal detecting by taking local children on treasure hunts and running competitions for youngsters from around the world.

And he posts regular films recording his exploits on YouTube to great acclaim from other treasure hunters.

Daniel, known as Deep Digger Dan, lived most of his life in Keighley, and until two years ago was a gardener at the town’s B&Q store.

After moving to Germany he needed a new hobby he could do alone while learning the language.

He said: “I work with race horses in the morning and detect from noon till dusk, seven days a week.

“I was addicted from day one. Just pulling up a horse shoe in those first few days gave me a thrill like I’d never felt before.”

Within a month, Dan was finding relics of the 1945 battles between the Germans and Russians, from bullets and shells to hand grenades, a submachine gun and incendiary bomb.

He said: “I report the dangerous stuff to the police and help to clear the woodlands of this horrible past and make it a safer place for people to visit.

“I’m doing well with making YouTube videos and gaining more viewers, growing with confidence in front of the camera with every hunt.”

Dan is particularly proud of the You Have Got To Get Out To Get In programme he began for young people thanks to YouTube viewers’ donations.

He said: “I try to get children involved in the hobby and kitted out with the right gear so they can enjoy the great outdoors and not be stuck behind their computers.”

Dan’s website is at deepdiggerdan.net and his videos can be seen on the Deep Digger Dan YouTube Channel.